Sunday, 23 November 2014

My weekend with Jack

I was very excited to be taking Jack home, and I was especially excited that Gabby was coming over to my house for a sleepover!

One of the first games that me, Gabby and Jack played was a game of chess.

 AND I WON! Poor Gabby and Jack.

In the morning, me and Gabby had pancakes for breakfast, and Jack really enjoyed them!

 He enjoyed them so much, that he ate almost all of them!

When we  finished all the pancakes, Jack wanted some more.
The next day, me Jack and Gabby went to a little Christmas fair, which was at twigs.
Not long before we arrived, we bumped into Angelina.
When we went into the cafe`, we found Mrs Baldwin! She was very happy to see Jack. Me and Jack also saw Mrs Barry.

On Sunday, we didn't really do much. I was quite sad that I was going to finish my weekend with Jack. I had a great weekend!