Sunday, 16 November 2014

Lucia M with Lilo

Friday  14th of November 2014


This is me, with my brother and sister, and Lilo, just when we came back from school. We were sure we would have a nice day in front of us.

Lilo and I had a ride on my bike. It was an amazing adventure. I had lot of fun, and I bet that Lilo did it too.   

After the ride we went outside to our garden. We tried the swing, and we pushed so much that Lilo almost felt to the ground! 

Later, before going bed, I introduced Lilo to all my toys. This is the group photo.

 We will all miss you so much Lilo!


  1. I like the photo at the top Lucia M.

  2. Lilo looks very happy with all your toys, I'm sure he will see them all again.

  3. It's hard to spot Lilo amongst all his friends!
    I agree with Chloe - the picture of you with your brother and sister is lovely.

    1. You`re right about Lilo and all the toys!

  4. You have so many toys in your bedroom Lucia