Sunday, 22 February 2015

Lilo's holiday with me

The first day of the holidays we went to Aeroscopia. It was incredible! We saw Concord, the Super-Guppy (which was the first Airbus Beluga) and the A300B. In the entrance there was an A380 model made out of Lego! It wasn't life size (of course) but was still epic! It took 300 hours and 15,801 pieces of Lego to make! There was also a machine that allowed you to make your own plane!


The next day Aled's friend, Josh, came over. Lilo had a bit of a lie in, but when he got up he came on our Wii U with me, Aled and Josh for a bit. Then we went to Pibrac park to have a Nerf battle. It was Aled and Josh vs me and Lilo. Then we took Josh home.

The next few days, we had  ''Lazy days'' which are days where we just kick back and relax. Lilo also helped my sister to bake some cakes and as the weather was really nice we played out on our bikes.


On the second Saturday we went to Andorra, we were in the car for a very long time because the traffic was really bad, when we finally got to Andorra, we went to the capital, Andorra la Vella. On the way there we passed through lots of snowy mountains and we could see people skiing down them, but there was no snow in Andorra la Vella. We stayed there for a bit and had a look around. Mum amd Dad decided we should call in at Pas de la Casa on our way home. It was weird as there was lots of snow there - and it was still snowing when we got there! They sold lots of big packets of sweets there and I found the biggest jar of Nutella I've ever seen!!! Andorra was better than I imagined! Here are two photos from Andorra.


Even though we had been up really early yesterday to go to the mountains, we got up early again today (Sunday) to go ice skating in Blagnac. It was my first time, so I was a little scared, but I mastered it eventually. While we were there I saw James P and James S skating as well. They were  better than I was!!! It was really fun and I can't wait to go again!!!!


The next day we went on a walk to Foret de Bouconne. It was a really long walk because the path we were following was continuous (or that is what it felt like).

The two weeks have gone sooo quick!!! I've really enjoyed having Lilo to stay with me again. We visited some places that Lilo has already been to before, but he didn't seem to mind going back there with us!!! I hope he enjoyed spending time with me and my family.

Me and Jack's holiday

We have had quite a quiet time staying in Toulouse, but we have also had some adventures.

The first thing I did with Jack was that I went to a restaurant called the American Diner. We met Gabby there, and we had a great time.

Me and Jack went to Forest de Bouconne.

We had a walk around the lake, and when we had almost finished going around the lake, me and Hayley climbed up a very steep hill, and then a magpie flew down and then he started chasing my mum everywhere. It was very funny!

Jack really liked looking at the lake!

A few days before the end of the holidays, me and Jack were going to the beach, but we stopped off at Carcassonne for lunch.

Here is a picture of Emma and Jack at the restaurant. Emma is Hayley's toy cat.

Finally, we arrived at the beach, and Jack had a great time. We stayed in a bed and breakfast hotel, and at the B and B there were peacocks on the loose!

Me and Jack had a great time together!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Fun weekend with Jack

My adventures with Jack!

When we got home we practiced on my keyboard.
                                           That evening we went to McDonalds for dinner.
The next day Holly came to our house for lunch and then...........

....we went to the theatre.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Me and Lilo

At the weekend me and Lilo had loads of fun!

on Friday I did a dance show with Rose, Imogen, Marie and few others French girls. The teacher put make up on us because it was showtime!!

On Saturday we went to watch Lorenzo play basketball, unfortunately his team lost ;( 
But luckily our friends form England, Sophie and Toby, came to stay with us. 

On Sunday me, Sophie and Lilo snuggled up and watched a film.

By Angiolina