Sunday, 22 February 2015

Me and Jack's holiday

We have had quite a quiet time staying in Toulouse, but we have also had some adventures.

The first thing I did with Jack was that I went to a restaurant called the American Diner. We met Gabby there, and we had a great time.

Me and Jack went to Forest de Bouconne.

We had a walk around the lake, and when we had almost finished going around the lake, me and Hayley climbed up a very steep hill, and then a magpie flew down and then he started chasing my mum everywhere. It was very funny!

Jack really liked looking at the lake!

A few days before the end of the holidays, me and Jack were going to the beach, but we stopped off at Carcassonne for lunch.

Here is a picture of Emma and Jack at the restaurant. Emma is Hayley's toy cat.

Finally, we arrived at the beach, and Jack had a great time. We stayed in a bed and breakfast hotel, and at the B and B there were peacocks on the loose!

Me and Jack had a great time together!

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  1. It looks like Jack's had a really nice holiday, Holly! Thanks for this great post!