Sunday, 26 April 2015

Lilo and me


On Friday after noon me and Lilo decide to make a playroom for him he told me what to put in it.
Here is a photo when it was finish.

Lilo straight away made friends.

Here is the bed of Lilo in which he is sitting in.
next to him there is a book of Captain Underpants. My 3DS is his TV.
This is his bus .
And this is his ball.

Lilo and me


On Saturday I took Lilo  to tennis he really enjoyed watching me playing.


On Sunday we went to a Holi party.
Lilo really liked the indian food.

Everybody was so sad when it was time that Lilo leaves

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Jack and me

I  was very excited to take Jack home on Friday. That evening, my little brother fed him and helped to take care of him. After watching a film, Jack slept very well at the side of my bed. The next day,me and Jack went to the pantomime with my dad and my  brothers, Harry and Andrew.  

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My Easter weekend with Jack

Jack and I enjoyed the Easter Weekend a lot. We did several things together both outdoor and indoor.
Myself and my friend Aaryaa included Jack in the Monopoly board game. Jack turned out to be lucky as he did quite well and owned up several properties and had tons of cash.

I decided that I will take along Jack along with me for cycling in the track park near to the place where I live. We were joined by my sister Ananya. We gave Jack a ride for many rounds together.

We were very excited to participate in the mini marathon of Colomiers on Sunday and we tagged along Jack. I felt happy that Jack was along with me during the run.

On Easter Monday we took Jack to Rocomadour and Cirq Lapopi. There we fed the monkeys the popcorn, took the train through the Rocomadour village and took few pictures.

It was good to have Jack in my company during this long weekend but I miss him now.