Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My weekend with Jack

On Friday, Jack and I had a sleepover at Holly's house.
Holly and I made pranks with Jack.
Holly, Jack and I went to bed super late, and woke up at 6 o'clock. Later, when Holly's father woke up, he made us breakfast and showed us how to draw our names in a graffiti style. We were so busy, that we did not even have time to take pictures. I was a little bit disappointed about that.

At my house, on Saturday, I was busy, like the children in the secondary school, because my dad gave me a lot of math problems to solve. And Jack joined a team to do a math competition. 

On Sunday Jack and I had a little more fun. We did some graffiti together, played our guitars, Jack did a show, we painted together, and we ate Japanese together. He also met some Lego creatures, and wished he were also a Lego creature. And then I cuddled him, and he was happy to be soft. We are both a bit sad that tonight is our last night together, and we are looking forward to another weekend together soon.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

My weekend with jack

 I had a wonderful weekend with
Jack.Here are some pictures.

In this photo my cat is stoking

The next day I made Jack a picture and
some glaces out of paper.

Right now Jack and me are going to
vote for the elections of the department.

Here Jack is also voting.
I wonder what he voted for?

Here we are in front of the voting place.

Here we are in front of the telly. we watched
the Simpsons and we watched Wall.E.

Then I was board so I made a video of Jack.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Jack & Me

On Friday 13 March
After school we went the subway because Jack was hungry.

Next we got home I was reading a book of the Stinkbomb & Ketchup-Face to have the reading rocks. And here picture of my baby and Jack.

On Sunday 15 March

We went to my friends new house and my dad had to carry all the stuff.

And after we got finished all the stuff we went home and I was so sad to take Jack back because we and Jack had so much fun together.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

A wonderful weekend with Lilo

On Friday afternoon, it was very sportive because we made Judo. After that, we went at home with the fire place.

Lilo obtain white belt.

On Saturday, Lilo ate a typical food from my region (Valencia) in Spain, paella. He enjoyed paella.

On Saturday afternoon, our friends came to home to play. We were making paper aircrafts and playing Risk

On Sunday we went to Chocolate festival in Tournefeuille. Lilo tasted lot of chocolates... and me too.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

A sunny weekend with Rod (by Jack)

Hi everyone!!!!
This is me, Jack, getting ready for a fabulous weekend with Rod.

Rod had loads of work to do. He spent some time reading. The books looked interesting to me…
though I couldn't read… I wish they where in lion language!
When Rod went to the shops to buy things for his costume for this wednesday, I got so,so,so bored:(
 When he arrived, his mum made him his costume…
I liked it so much he let me try it;-)
Rod showed Adriana,his sister, how to do Kenkens.
I found them very interesting.

The next day we had a brunch.
It was delicious!!!

In the afternoon, we went on our bikes.
(the one I'm using is not mine).                       
Thank you Rod, I had a wonderful weekend with you!!
By: Jack                                                                                                          

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My amazing weekend with Jack

It all started in Saturday when I went to football training with Justus and my friends, It was really hard when we started because we had to do 5! laps of the pitch.

This is me with my friends in football and with Jack of course.

Here´s Jack watching the football match.

Then I played some Minecraft with Manuel.
I didn't take a photo because I forgot.

After I had to prepare to go to James S´s birthday at Laser Quest.
We has lots, lots, and lots of fun because normally in Laser Quest you have two games, but in this one we had 3 games and that is even more better.

Here we are about to play Laser Games and Jack wanted to be in the woman´s hair!

While we were playing, Jack was watching us.

Next we arrived at home I had to change quickly because we were going to restaurant because it was my dad´s birthday.

My mum wasn´t there because she took the photo.

The next day my friend came and my dad´s friend also came.
I played Minecraft with my friend.

And that was the last thing we did.
I had a really good day weekend with Jack!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

My Weekend With Lilo

This has been an exciting weekend with Lilo.
Lilo ate pizza with his new friends !
We ate pizza.
After dinner we watched Star Wars VI (6).
It very funny when the Ewoks attack the  Empire´s massive Clone army
the Ewoks are small little bears that are intelligent !

We went to my tennis club with Teresa, Javier and Carlos and my little brother Marcos.

Lilo, Marcos, Teresa, Carlos and me