Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My weekend with Jack

On Friday, Jack and I had a sleepover at Holly's house.
Holly and I made pranks with Jack.
Holly, Jack and I went to bed super late, and woke up at 6 o'clock. Later, when Holly's father woke up, he made us breakfast and showed us how to draw our names in a graffiti style. We were so busy, that we did not even have time to take pictures. I was a little bit disappointed about that.

At my house, on Saturday, I was busy, like the children in the secondary school, because my dad gave me a lot of math problems to solve. And Jack joined a team to do a math competition. 

On Sunday Jack and I had a little more fun. We did some graffiti together, played our guitars, Jack did a show, we painted together, and we ate Japanese together. He also met some Lego creatures, and wished he were also a Lego creature. And then I cuddled him, and he was happy to be soft. We are both a bit sad that tonight is our last night together, and we are looking forward to another weekend together soon.

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