Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My amazing weekend with Jack

It all started in Saturday when I went to football training with Justus and my friends, It was really hard when we started because we had to do 5! laps of the pitch.

This is me with my friends in football and with Jack of course.

Here´s Jack watching the football match.

Then I played some Minecraft with Manuel.
I didn't take a photo because I forgot.

After I had to prepare to go to James S´s birthday at Laser Quest.
We has lots, lots, and lots of fun because normally in Laser Quest you have two games, but in this one we had 3 games and that is even more better.

Here we are about to play Laser Games and Jack wanted to be in the woman´s hair!

While we were playing, Jack was watching us.

Next we arrived at home I had to change quickly because we were going to restaurant because it was my dad´s birthday.

My mum wasn´t there because she took the photo.

The next day my friend came and my dad´s friend also came.
I played Minecraft with my friend.

And that was the last thing we did.
I had a really good day weekend with Jack!

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  1. What a great weekend Jack had! Well done Alonso, for entertaining him so well!