Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Lilo at home

Lilo and I have had a really funny weekend, the last one with my mum in Toulouse (sniff, sniff), I´ll tell you:

On Friday afternoon, when we got out of school, we went to Marrots park with some friends

On Friday afternoon, when we got out of school we went to Marrots park with some friends

In the slide he was happy.

When we arrived home, we introduced him to my doggy Flora and they became good friends inmediatelly.

Next day we ate french breakfast with crêpes. I love crêpes and Lilo too!. Then we went to the garden to ride on the swing before go shopping for a night party with friends.

On Sunday after breakfast Lilo helped me to do the Reading log, He is so nice!!

When we finished we played with my 16 teddies. Could you say where are we, Lilo and me?
At last, Lilo wanted to go to Toulouse alone driving my car, see it in this video:


  1. What a great weekend, Sofia!
    And Lilo can drive! I never knew!

  2. I liked your video Sofia!!!!! I think you had a super time with LILO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It looks like you had a super-exciting weekend together. I think Flora could be a triplet with Jack and Lilo! It is really hard to spot you and Lilo in the teddy picture and I think Lilo will be wanting to get his paws on the car again - It looked like he was having fun speeding away into the dark!