Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Lilo’s long week-end with Shriya

First day with Lilo  - Friday – 7th Nov:
I was sooooooooooo exited because Lilo was going to come with me and stay with me for 4 days!!!  When we reached home, Lilo and I had sandwiches. We had to eat quickly because I had to go to my skating class, and Lilo wanted to come with me to Pibrac.
Soon Lilo and I went to my skating class and I put on my skating shoes. Lilo wanted to do some skating with smaller size shoes, but he could not do because he has Paws! 

That evening we had Dosa (South Indian item) for dinner and did a bit of reading till late night before sleeping.

Saturday – 8th Nov:
I and Lilo woke up little late around 8am; then we had to get ready quickly because we had to go to the Post office and shopping.    Lilo helped me at the La Poste to stick the envelopes and to post them in the post boxes.  Lilo was a bit scared that we were going to post him too, but I told him that I was not going to do that.
We bought vegetables at the Farmer’s market in Colomiers, then we went to Carrefour for grocery shopping. 
Lilo saw lots of dogs and wanted to go and play with them, but he was a bit scared that the dogs would bite him.   

Lilo joined me to all the shopping we had to do on Saturday and he enjoyed thoroughly.

Then, we went home to get ready for my Tennis class.  Lilo patiently waited and watched me play Tennis at the Tennis club in Colomiers along with other kids and Aditi.

I took Lilo for a special Saturday dinner to the Mexican restaurant – La Vaquero, Colomiers.  He enjoyed the Nachos more than the Quesadilla.

Sunday – 9th Nov:
Lilo and I got up very late like 9 O’ Clock and then we went to the boulangerie buy Baguette for our break-fast.
Lilo was looking forward to go out with me cycling, but he was sad because the weather was bad.  Instead, I and Lilo made a drawing like a pattern.  When we were half-way through, my dad said that it looks like a Tulip field and showed us a photo of the Tulip field. 

Then, we continued and we added a wind-mill in the middle of the field. 
This painting ended up a little bit like a Paul Klee’s painting, who does not draw the full details of things.   

In the evening, Lilo helped me to do my French homework.


For dinner, we had an Indian item called Poori, which is made of wheat flour and deep fried.  Lilo really liked the dinner

Monday – 10th Nov:

Today was a holiday so I and Lilo went cycling because the weather was good. We went to a ground which is near our house.  Lilo enjoyed it a lot there and he wanted to stay there for the whole day!
Soon at 5’O clock, I had to go to my swimming class.  It is in Colomiers.  I went with Chloe and Vanisha, Lilo was very happy to see Vanisha and Chloe again! 

Then when I and Lilo reached my house we played for some time then we had our dinner.
Last day with Lilo (Tuesday 11th Nov):
I woke up a bit sad L because Lilo will leave my home tomorrow.  I took Lilo to the Foret du Bouconne cycling with me.  It was a sunny day and so we enjoyed the day out. 
Later in the evening we went to the Bowling at Colomiers and played a bit of bowling, and had a nice dinner at the restaurant.

In the last 4 days, Lilo made good friends with my pet fishes and my toys Panda, Kitten, Teddy, 2 Puppies, rabbit, a dog and a Giraffe.  Panda gave a good-bye hug to Lilo. 

Panda gave a good-bye hug to Lilo. 

I will miss you Lilo.


  1. nice pictures Shrya

  2. Wow Shriya, you did so many things! I wonder if lilo liked water?

    1. Thank you Gracia. Lilo did not go into the water.

  3. Sounds like you had a nice time with lilo Shriya

  4. I wish I had a toy lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You certainly did a lot with Lilo in one weekend, Shriya!

  6. I am sorry Shriya - I thought I had written on your blog. How do you fit in SO many things into one weekend? You must have a time machine! I always love looking at the photos you include - so many different sports too! Excellent blog post.

    1. Thank You Mrs Baldwin. It was a long weekend so Lilo was with me for 4 days!!!

  7. Hope you liked having lilo!