Sunday, 16 November 2014

Jack and me in Bordeaux

Last week I went to Bordeaux with my family and Jack and I had to much fun with him.
I´m going to tell you all the things we did and places we visited. I hope you like them as much as me

The first day when I came back from school I introduced my teddy and we painted a lot. I quickly get a bed for Jack but at night I preferred to sleep with him.

The next day we went to Bordeaux but before arrived to Bordeaux we visited to Saint Émilion, because is not so far and is very interesting.
This village is very famous thanks to vineyards, but the thing that I really liked most was monolithic church (church is built inside huge stone) and bell tower. Jack also was really impressed by this monument.
                                              Jack drives very well!


    Saint Emilion´s monolithic church and park with Jack

This is Bordeaux, it´s very beautiful. We visited the downtown on Sunday.

We didn´t sleep in a hotel as usual, my mum had rent a house as a birthday´s present for my Daddy. We took the "tourism train" for visiting in a funny way (theatre, Place de la Bourse, Eau Mirror, cathedral).

 "Miroir d´eau" World´s largest reflecting pool..Amazing!!!!

Here you are some pictures in " Place de la Bourse". Jack really enjoyed this place.

During "tourist train" visit it began to rain, after two hours we drank a "hot chocolate". I have discovered Jacks loves chocolate

On Monday we went to the Dune du Pyla. We could see the Atlantic Ocean and the forest from a huge dune. I climbed to the top and played a lot with the sand. Irene, Jack and me were very happy in this wonderful place

 You can see the different pictures in the dune. It´s the highest dune in Europe

Before coming back to Toulouse, my parents decided to go to Bergerac. It's a famous village due to "Cyrano de Bergerac", abook by Edmond Rostand, although Cyrano never lived there. It's a very old french village.

We were walking close to the river and had a lunch of big pizza. My favorite is four cheese pizza!!
Look: the nose of Cyrano is very big!
Jack tries to imitate Cyrano.....  very funny

After three days visiting places and playing with my family and Jack, It was really good.
Thanks, Jack!


  1. I've been looking forward to reading your post, Lucia, and I'm not disappointed! You did lots! Climbing the Dune de Pyla is a wonderful experience isn't it? I must go again!

  2. Lovely pictures Lucia, I really enjoyed looking at them all.
    I love the picture of Jack with Cyrano, Jack has a tiny nose in comparison!