Sunday, 14 December 2014

My super weekend with Lilo

That week-end was so good and fun! Lilo also had a very good week-end.On friday we played Minecraft and Clash of Clans.
On saturday I went to play tennis, then we helped my dad to change the light bulb of my mum´s car later I did the Nativity scene.
And on sunday we had a delicius breakfast and Lilo wanted to eat my breakfast but I didn´t let him. Then in the afternoon we went to Alonso´s birthday and we did a photo with Jack, Justus, Lilo and me and some more...
It was so fun!!!


  1. A busy weekend. I always enjoying seeing the photos of what Lilo has been up to with his friends. I love ten-pin bowling and used to take part in competitions! How did you do?

    1. I won the first round with a 104 points and two strikes but the second one I losed.

    2. That's a great score! Winning isn't everything.. but it is nice!

  2. Sounds like lilo had a really fun weekend with you!