Monday, 5 January 2015

Lilo`s Christmas Holiday

This Christmas holiday I took Lilo home, we had lots of fun together. The first day of the Christmas holidays we woke up early because we were going to my grandparent`s house in Spain. We went by car, it was a long journey 10 hours but we had lots of entertainment. 

When we finaly arived at my grandparent's house, Lilo met my grandma, my uncle and my grandad but I do not  have a picture of him

This is my uncle

And my grandma,

We had lots of fun at my grandparent's house  we opened the Advent Calendar  every day

And Lilo wanted to open my present but I didn't let him I opened it but when Lilo saw my present he finished opening my present ( a double bladed 3 in 1 lightsaber ) and played with it I was quite annoyed about that.

On new years eve we stayed up until midnight because in Spain it is a tradition to stay awake until midnight and there is a bell that rings every year on new years eve at exactly midnight every 5 seconds or so the bell rings and at each ring of the bell you eat a grape and there are 12 grapes and if you eat each grape at each ring of the bell it brings you good luck and after you've eaten all the grapes you drink champagne but me and Lilo didn't drink champagne but we did drink champagne but for children which is basically fizzy apple juice

The End


  1. Great photos Sebastian. I would like to know more about the Spanish tradition of eating grapes as the clock strikes on New Year's Eve. Where did it come from? Do you think anyone in your family could tell us?

  2. I love your pictures of Lilo taken during your 10 hour long car journey, that is a long way! Lilo is a very lucky lion to have travelled so far.
    It looks like you had a great time together, and with your family.