Sunday, 18 January 2015

My weekend with Lilo

My Weekend With Lilo

Lilo had a great weekend with us, he met my kitten Buttons!

This is a photo of Buttons and Lilo.

Here is another picture of Buttons and Lilo.

On Saturday we went to the new museum - Aeroscopia.

Lilo came with us and had a brilliant time!! There are lots of exciting things to do there, you can learn about planes, walk through Concorde and even listen to the live air traffic control!

Here are some photos we took :

Me and Lilo made are own plane

This is me and Lilo underneath the Concorde


  1. Excellent photos - You look like a real air traffic controller in one of the last ones! I have yet to visit this museum. Our summer topic is going to include aeroplanes and airports - perhaps we can go on a school trip there! I am glad you enjoyed it so much.

  2. That would be a great idea because it is lots of fun!!

  3. I also went to aeroscopia ,was it fin???