Monday, 1 December 2014

My weekend with Lilo

Friday 28th November

I have enjoyed having Lilo this weekend. When we got home from school, I took Lilo to my bedroom to introduce him to my bear, Booger. They seemed to like each other. After Booger and Lilo had a bit of a play, I decided to introduce Lilo to Minecraft, and Lilo and I built a yellow clay and wool Lilo and Jack! Lilo even built a little house! Then we went and made a bed for Lilo out of an old shoe box!

Saturday 29th November

The next day, Me, Lilo, Aled, Gwen and all Aled's friends went to the bowling alley. Aled was going to a party there, so while we waited to go, me and Lilo had a game of team air hockey. We also met Angiolina there. When we got back home Lilo helped us unpack our christmas decorations. Lilo had a nice time playing in them. As we were feeling really Christmassy we decided to watch Elf in bed.

                           He played in the tinsel.

He even sat in my Santa Sack!

Sunday 30th November

Today me and Lilo had a fun time. First, me and Aled taught Lilo how to play the drums, and he learned fast! After his lesson, we went to a German Christmas Market in Pibrac. It was crowded but intresting. There were Pretzals, stalls and Santa! The first thing we did there was have a Pretzal. Lilo really enoyed his half of mine! 

Then we saw Santa. He gave us a Kinder Suprise Egg and I shared mine with Lilo. It started raining heavily while we were there and we got soaked! After a while we dried of and called in to see the Christmas decorations in Truffaut. When we got home we decided to put our tree up too. Lilo put the star on top for us.

He had a play with all the tinsel and stars again and we had tea. I've loved having Lilo and will miss him. I hope he enjoyed his weekend with us.


  1. I bet that Lilo and you had a really nice time.

  2. It looks like Lilo got up to lots of mischief! I hope he wasn't too bad. What a great adventure for him!

    1. He was fine. The only mischief he got up to was nicking my pretzel!!!!