Sunday, 14 June 2015

Jack in Italy, Greece & Croatia

Two weeks ago Jack had a great week journey in Italy (Venice, Bari) Greece (Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini) and Croatia ( Dubrovnik) by huge boat. We arrived to Venice Airport after 2 flights ( Toulouse-Munich-Venice). Jack and me were happy!!! 

When we arrived we went directly to eat a big Pizza, we love it

Venice is a city in a huge lagoon! there aren´t roads, people moves in boats.

We went on the bus is called Vaporetto It was a boat, we visit the city Impressive!!
Here you are some photos with Jack
The most beautiful place was Piazza S Marcos,  doves went in to my arms.

The cruise
We took a big boat with 4D cinema, parks, mini club, theatre, swimming pool, discotheque... and the hole cruise had 11 floors !!!. sometimes you can feel lost.
We were with my sister, my parents, my 4 cousins, my 2 aunts and uncles and my grandparents.
Jack had lots of fun on the cruise with my cousins: Nacho, Claudia, Hector & Sara.
We spent most of the time in the mini club to have dinner then we went to the disco to dance and
to play some games and then we watched a film.

We went to Bari with all my family, Jack went to visit a very old castle, where knew part of Jack´s oldest family- 600 years ago. We watched a film about the castle and there were a lot of statues of lions, so Jack was really happy to see it!!.

The next day we arrived in Corfu, beautiful island!! We go to the top of hill I  think there are 60 stairs!  It was with my 2 aunts and my uncle. At the top of the castle you can see all the sea and the cruise!!!!!

Mykonos & Santorini
In Mykonos, we spent some hours to go to the beach and I found a hermit crab it was amazing when I touch it!!! and we swam in the sea but the water was so cold.

Do you know Santorini is a volcanic island?  That was the city I liked most, the sea was many years ago the crater of the volcano, I found it in internet.


In Dubrovnik we went into a city wall it was like the Chinese wall but on the sea and with more people.
We saw someone jumping from the wall to the sea and I think the wall was 25 meters long and he did it !!! It was amazing!!!!!!!!

After some hours we leave Dubrovnik to come back to Venice. The journey ended.
Apart for wonderful cruise, cities ,etc.. it was really good to share it with Jack and my family.

What it will be next travel?

Bye, Bye!!

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