Sunday, 24 May 2015

Jack goes to seville

On Wednesday the 13th we went to the airport for my look and see trip to Seville (to look for a house and a school ).

First : we went to the Departure gate in the airport.
Second:we went with my luggage to the check-in counter .

Third: we checked my luggage and get the boarding pass.

Fourth:we went through security.
Last: we waited in a supper chair looking at the airport art and the airplanes.

while I was sitting Jack noticed that there are lots of things going on in the airport. we have seen the catering truck loading the food,
 we have seen the luggage being loaded in the cargo bay,
 And we have seen a truck fueling the aircraft.

 In Seville we went to a hotel called Melia Lebreros. I really like it.
There were two fountains.Our room was 1140.

In Seville, the first day there were lots of bugs.Another day we went to the beach because it was really hot and the water-park was closed. By surprise my grandparents came and bought us sweets.

It was a fantastic trip,and Jack enjoyed it a lot.

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